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Γυαλιά Max Detail 2,0x Eschenbach 162451

Γυαλιά Max Detail 2,0x  Eschenbach 162451
Eco System eye drops Ενυδατικές οφθαλμικές σταγόνες 20 ml
8,00 €
Γυαλιά Max Detail 2,0x  Eschenbach 162451
Oramont Γυαλιά Πρεσβυωπίας EA9016 OLV
24,00 €


Do you have trouble reading books, newspapers, the print on computer screens, labels on medicine bottles, ingredients on food packages, train schedules, recipes, menus in restaurants, or your mail? Eschenbach has manufactured a product that will take the effort out of all of these activities and make them as easy to do as they once were, the MaxDetail® glasses!

These hands-free, head-mounted glasses provide 2x magnification and can be adjusted so that each eye lens can be focused separately [±3 diopters], making the system adaptable to most patients. The glasses will focus on near objects with working distances of 16 inches and are perfect for any near viewing activity where a magnified image is helpful.


Magnification: 2x Lens Type: Galilean Lens Material: PXM Plastic Frame Size: 137 mm Temple Size: 135 mm Bridge Size: Open saddle Lens Size: 1.25 Field of view: 20 degrees PD Range: 60 - 68 mm Weight: 1.7 oz


Sturdy, protective, framed nylon (with zipper) case included Miscellaneous: Can be adjusted (+/- 3D) for spherical correction

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